About us

Let’s get straight to the point; You wouldn’t be here if you weren’t constantly suffering from some form of bloating, gas, irregular bowel movements or just generally interested in improving your gut health & digestion.

If you’re anything like me, by now, you are getting frustrated trying to find accurate information on the web as there is no “go-to” guide with all the information in the one place. You have researched natural holistic methods, tried DIY guides and have been to medical professionals & now you’re confused, overloaded with information and are still struggling to find answers! Trust me, I’ve been there.

The good news?

The birth of www.goodguthealth.com.au!

It’s becoming more well known that the gut is the most underrated organ. Here at www.goodguthealth.com.au I believe that a happy, healthy gut = a happy mind & body and I am passionate about educating you on how to improve digestion and heal your gut.

GGH aims to be a resource and a go-to guide for anyone suffering from poor digestion and a sensitive stomach.
In conjunction with my own personal experiences, I hope to bring you information from the best of the best, all of whom are just as passionate about the importance of healthy gut flora, nutrition and the mind-gut connection. I aim to bring you scientifically proven facts and case studies in support of why we believe that the gut is the most underrated organ & why everyone should be paying more attention to their gut health.
Watch this space ! Exciting things are yet to come!

GGH Aim:

  • Help you get educated on the importance of gut health
  • Help you learn how to manage and reduce gut discomfort, bloating, gas, & IBS related symptoms
    (based on personal  experience with FODMAPs)
  • Help you gain an understanding on FODMAPs, irritable bowel syndrome, candida and small intestinal bacteria overgrowth & how diet and lifestyle can affect the gut
  • Share with you our favourite resources to help you along in your journey to a happier, healthier digestive system
  • Link you to workshops and gut education events in your local area (coming soon)
  • Teach you how easy it is to ferment & pickle fresh vegetables, brew your own probiotics such as kefir and kombucha and incorporate gut loving foods into your every day diet (recipes coming soon)

Whilst goodguthealth.com.au doesn’t claim to have all the answers, we are basing all our information off personal experience, trends, natural health and medical based treatment options. We are not in any way providing you with treatment advice. We still strongly recommend that you seek a medical diagnosis and treatment from a qualified medical practitioner, specialist or homeopath.